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Successful Clients are Saying:

Pamela Lane has been integrally involved in both of my books. I credit her with contributing to my success!
My first book, Where Peace Lives, made it on to two best-seller lists and my new book, Shovel It! Kick-Ass Advice To Turn Life’s CRAP Into The Peace And Happiness You Deserve is just out in the bookstores this week and on-line venues and selling robustly. Amazon has already re-ordered, which is amazing and rare. Additionally, it has gotten me booked on Good Morning America Health, Fox News/The Strategy Room, WNBC with Chuck Scarborough, Joan Hamburg, queen of NYC radio, and lots more opportunities are coming down the pike. That is the beauty of a non-fiction book. It elevates your foundation. It shines light on your mastery. It provides a reason why the media, and as a result, clients, should listen to what you have to say. Non-fiction books are career enhancers. They are platform builders. And if you have one in you, hire Pamela tonight and get it written. That’s my authentic Kick-Ass Advice!! Good luck to all of you!” Debbie Robins

The Root of Authority is Author!

Expand Your Career Opportunities

In this new economy, many of us are starting or expanding our own businesses--following our dreams. Writing a book in your area of expertise may be the fastest way to grow your business, market your skills, help others, gain publicity, and establish yourself as an expert. In a series of straightforward steps we'll create a unique approach to your topic, get the book written, develop your marketing plan and set-up your publishing (print on demand, or proposals). In the time most people spend worrying about finding their next job, you could become a published expert.
Book a consultation and develop your idea/ project/ manuscript into the most marketable--and valuable--tool it can be.

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Pamela on an initial consultation for my book.  I came in with an idea I believed in and a bunch of research and went away with a detailed game plan, innovative ideas I hadn't considered, and a greatly expanded vision of what this could be. She could see markets I had never considered and demographics that are now included in my plan. Pamela is an innovator, wonderfully honest and creative. Her consultation is an in-depth process and I'm so glad I gave myself the permission to go for it!  I'm certainly glad I didn't wait until I had finished my book before checking in with Pamela for her expert advice.  I'm looking forward to working with her throughout this process."  Lisa Lucas, businesswoman, artist, educator and first-time author

In addition to your consult, or as a stand-alone:

Ongoing Become an Author Expert Class Mondays 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, every other week.  Join a small group (max 8) of fellow professionals in creating a platform for your business and career. Set goals, work with an editor and get your book written & published.

$100 per month, for two, 3 hour classes.
See the listing under "Writing Classes"

Want to work on your own schedule?  Great, become a coaching client and after your consult, we'll work together, one on one.  Coaching and edit rate:  $80.00 per hour

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