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Welcome to the expert resource for professional authors, aspiring novices and everyone in-between.

Whether you have an idea and don’t know where to start, are tired of staring at that half-finished manuscript, have a finished draft that’s ready to be edited or are sick of rejection notices—My Book Doctor can help you.

My goal is to help you succeed as an author. I strive to give you the best shot, in the current marketplace, to create a publishable manuscript—then give you the tools to find an agent and promote your book, or hone queries and target lists of magazines, journals and contests for the best chance of publication, or navigate the waters of Print on Demand, which has become a viable option for all writers.

I am your editor, creative sherpa, voice of reason, coach, cheerleader, bright idea, and partner. I am your Book Doctor.

What clients are saying:

Pamela Lane’s vast writing experience, combined with her almost supernatural story instinct make her one of the best editors and writing instructors around. I came to her workshop as a professional screenwriter, but without Pamela’s help I could never have hoped to complete my first novel—let alone attract the attention of an agent and editor. I’ve witnessed amazing “writing transformations” not only with my own work, but with my fellow workshopees as well.  Pamela has the ability to take any material, whatever it’s stage of evolution or genre, and make it better—tighter, funnier, more flowing, more meaningful and often more beautiful.

Pamela is just as generous with her knowledge about the craft of writing as she is with the business side of it.  She helps her writers formulate a step by step process to becoming a published professional. I’ve attended many workshops and writing classes over the years, but never one like this.  I can recommend Pamela Lane without reservation.

Erin Donavan, Author, “Nuthouse,” “Ding-Dong Ditch,” and “Get Over Jeremy Journal”

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