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About My Book DoctorI’m Pamela Lane, the Book Doctor.  I wrote for television for 20 years and have also been a freelance developmental and story editor and writing coach for all types narrative and non-narrative books, stories and essays for the past thirteen. I studied the craft of fiction and nonfiction writing at Rice University, UCLA and Antioch University LA, where I was offered the prestigious Eloise Klein Healy scholarship. My MFA is from Goucher College’s graduate program in creative nonfiction and I’m a former contributing editor for the highly-respected literary journal, Creative Nonfiction.

My background in writing scripts and supervising writers has given me deep insight into story structure and character development and my personal experience in poetry and prose have honed my creative voice. I ran a very successful writer’s group in Santa Monica for several years and now teach writing to small groups using that model.  Over these years I’ve honed dozens of book proposals for nonfiction clients and edited hundreds of novels, memoirs, how-to, personal development, children’s and young adult books, queries and essays. Many of my clients have finished their books and secured agents or publishing deals, often on more than one book, and many are still working toward that goal–closer and more confident than they were before.

In addition, I am a master’s educated holistic nurse (RN MSN) in private practice as an RN Patient Advocate. I have considerable education and experience in all areas of health and wellness as well as medicine. Please see the section on medical writing.

These two very different passions illuminate the two sides of my personality:  I am a compassionate, creative artist and I am an analytic, detail-oriented scientist. My clients benefit from this unique mash-up.

Editing & Coaching:  I am an editor, coach and teacher of the writing process, I make promising ideas into publishable books and good writers better. I can’t guarantee that your manuscript will be published (with the exception of Print on Demand (POD) which has become a very viable option), however I can offer you a distinct advantage in a very competitive market–a knowledgeable professional in your corner.

Publishing & Marketing: My expertise includes not only writing the book, essay or short story, but securing an agent (queries and book proposals are a specialty) or publishing in journals and magazines (for essays and short stories), and Print-On-Demand. I can guide you through Create Space (Amazon), cover designers, and various e-book options as well as promoting your sales and managing your career.

How Do You Get Started?
Consultations:  Working on an idea, honing marketing plans, stuck on the horns of a dilemma, or can’t figure out why your book or proposal isn’t selling?  Book a consultation. Developing your idea and evaluating and tweaking your concept for marketability is almost as important as how it is written–sometimes more so.

Hourly: How much does it cost to edit and book? is much like, how much does it cost to build a house? There are a lot of variables. That’s why I charge by the hour. A manuscript by a polished, experienced writer familiar with their genre will generally require much less time than one by a novice, or a non-native English speaker. The length and genre are also important considerations. Let’s talk about what you need.

Writing classes and workshops: I can develop more powerful, creative voices and make it even more affordable for you through small writing groups. I don’t teach beginning composition, my groups are a hybrid between a class and a writing group–and are customized to the needs of the members. What they all have in common is that we are focused on creating and completing your vision and not writing exercises. You come out with accomplishments, not writing prompts. The classes are ongoing and most writers stay until they finish their books, or continue to churn out essays and stories for publishing.

I’ve made it my business to understand the world of writing and publishing and my experience gives me a considerable advantage in working with writers across all genres.

Go to my “Endorsements” page and my “Writing Classes” page to see what some of my clients and students have to say.

Whether you decide to join us or not, I encourage you to write and keep writing.  No one else shares your individual voice: express it.


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