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The Root of Authority is Author!  Expand Your Career Opportunities!

In this new economy, many of us are starting or expanding our own businesses–following our dreams. Writing a book in your area of expertise may be the fastest way to grow your business, market your skills, help others, gain publicity, and establish yourself as an expert. In a series of straightforward steps we’ll create a unique approach to your topic, get the book written, develop your marketing plan and set-up your publishing (print on demand, or proposals). In the time most people spend worrying about finding their next job, you could become a published expert.

Book a consultation and develop your idea/ project/ manuscript into the most marketable–and valuable–tool it can be. $250.00

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Pamela on an initial consultation for my book.  I came in with an idea I believed in and a bunch of research and went away with a detailed game plan, innovative ideas I hadn’t considered, and a greatly expanded vision of what this could be. She could see markets I had never considered and demographics that are now included in my plan. Pamela is an innovator, wonderfully honest and creative. Her consultation is an in-depth process and I’m so glad I gave myself the permission to go for it!  I’m certainly glad I didn’t wait until I had finished my book before checking in with Pamela for her expert advice.  I’m looking forward to working with her throughout this process.”  Lisa Lucas, businesswoman, artist, educator and first-time author

In addition to your consult, or as a stand-alone:

Ongoing Become an Author Expert Class
Mondays 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, every other week.
Join a small group (max 8) of fellow professionals in creating a platform for your business and career. Set goals, work with an editor and get your book written and published.

$100 per month, for two, 3 hour classes.
See the listing under “Writing Classes”

Want to work on your own schedule?
Great, become a coaching client and after your consult, we’ll work together, one on one.
Coaching and edit rate:  $80.00 per hour

Successful Clients are Saying:
“Pamela Lane has been integrally involved in both of my books. I credit her with contributing to my success! My first book, Where Peace Lives, made it on to two best-seller lists and my new book, Shovel It! Kick-Ass Advice To Turn Life’s CRAP Into The Peace And Happiness You Deserve is just out in the bookstores this week and on-line venues and selling robustly. Amazon has already re-ordered, which is amazing and rare. Additionally, it has gotten me booked on Good Morning America Health, Fox News/The Strategy Room, WNBC with Chuck Scarborough, Joan Hamburg, queen of NYC radio, and lots more opportunities are coming down the pike. That is the beauty of a non-fiction book. It elevates your foundation. It shines light on your mastery. It provides a reason why the media, and as a result, clients, should listen to what you have to say. Non-fiction books are career enhancers. They are platform builders. And if you have one in you, hire Pamela tonight and get it written. That’s my authentic Kick-Ass Advice!! Good luck to all of you!” Debbie Robins

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