“I began working with Pamela when I had only dreamed of becoming a writer. I didn’t even know what a personal essay was. Of course I’d read them, but I had no clue how to write one. Pamela helped me understand the personal essay form, worked with me on draft after draft, teaching me as she helped me find the theme and showed me how each effort could be improved and why. Through her editing and notes I became more clear on what I actually wanted to say and let go of what did not get me there. She has been invaluable in my writing process. I trust her. Every essay I write, I send to Pamela. She never judges me, she just helps the writing and I learn and grow as a writer.

It’s thanks to her that I now have a dozen published essays and am so encouraged and empowered as a writer. Some people go to writing class after writing class–my secret is working directly with Pamela.”

Tamara Adelman
Published Author/ Essayist 


“Here’s the bottom line. Without the INCREDIBLE editorial support I got from Pamela Lane I wouldn’t have been signed by a top New York book agent, I wouldn’t have won a prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for best new book and I wouldn’t have just signed a three book publishing deal. Pamela’s brilliant, focused, impeccable ability to work with an author, at any level, and help them transform their work from good to great is unparalleled. She certainly did this for me and boy did it pay off!”

Debbie Robins
Where Peace Lives“, “Where Happiness Lives” & “Shovel It!


“Pamela did an amazing edit on my first two novels and has assisted in crafting query letters to agents and editing my synopses. Her small writing class has been instrumental in fine-tuning my next novel — and motivating me to write! Pamela is a great cheerleader, as well, and that has helped me cope with the rejections and soldier on. I’ve never had an editor/ writing instructor/coach as fantastic as Pamela Lane.”

Virginia Hoyt

“The Last Crusaders” & “Wolf at the Door”


It is my honor to recommend my book doctor, Pamela Lane.  I have known Pamela for eight years and in that time, I have worked with her on all of my writing projects including several screenplays and two novels. Not only has she acted as an invaluable story and line editor for me, she has also been a truly important teacher of the writing process.

The acknowledgments in my first novel, The Saints and Sinners of Okay Countypublished in 2004 as part of Ballantine Books Reader’s Circle, reads, “I am deeply grateful to the following: Pamela Lane, whose brilliant assistance on this novel made all the difference….” This summarizes the fact that without Pamela I am certain this novel would not be published to this day. She took a rough hewn, somewhat clunky novel with a good story and helped me, in her direct, kind and crystal-clear style, turn it into a professional, seamless, highly readable book.

In addition to her work with me, Pamela has helped many others who I referred to her for their writing projects. It has been deeply gratifying that every one of them have had similar transformative, educational experiences in working with Pamela. It is not only her knowledge and understanding of writing and storytelling that make
her special, it is also her passion and love for the process that are evident any time I have worked with her.

Dayna Dunbar
The Saints and Sinners of Okay County & The Wings That Fly us Home


Good book doctors are like sculptors who see art in blocks of stone, and Pamela Lane is a very good book doctor. She agreed to work with me on my first novel and showed me where to cut away verbiage, smooth over fissures in my plot and refine dialogue until I saw what she saw – a story I could be proud of. If you’re looking for someone to give you professional advice about your writing or help you prepare your manuscript for publication, your search is over. Call Pamela Lane, my book doctor.

Scott Matthews
The Fifth Column



Thank you so much for a wonderful job creating the proposal for MICROMAN. Your brilliant presentation was so well thought out and executed that I am happy to report that the first agent who saw it signed me. I have a shot now. The next step is publishers. Cross your fingers. I truly could not have done this without you. You gave me the edge.

Robert Stern
Microman; The Right Hero for a New World


If you’re sick of not writing your best—My Book Doctor is your best medicine.

Working with Pamela on my book proposal was terrific! This is clearly Pamela’s calling. She has a Master’s degree in creative nonfiction, the love of writing, and excellent creativity—the cure-all remedy for anyone interested in help with their writing. I would highly recommend Pamela. For sure your writing will be improve.

Two pens up!

Elaine Wilkes, PhD, N.C., M.A.
Nature’s Secrets, Hay House, 2009


“Pamela is a stellar editor. Professional and knowledgeable, she helped me take my manuscript to the next level — cleaning it, polishing it, catching problem areas, showing me when to cut back and when to say more. But in addition to all that, her encouragement and support made all the difference. She was really there for me as I prepared to market the manuscript, providing me with excellent advice and guidance. She understands the system and helped me to understand it, too. You can count on Pamela to be there for the long haul. If you have a manuscript that needs a lot of doctoring or even a little TLC, I highly recommend you turn to Pamela.”

Cheryl Renee Herbsman
Willow, the Wisp & Willow, the Witch


Pamela Lane is an incredible book doctor and teacher!  I gave Pamela my first draft, thinking it was a book, and she showed me what it takes to write a really good book and how much more my book could be.  Her detailed notes, carefully thought-out suggestions and explanations taught me how to add conflict and subplots, correct weak dialogue, build my characters into real people and write action scenes that are exciting and believable.

Instead of dreading my rewrite, I was excited to get started–striving to get that “A” from Pamela, my teacher.  Page by page, I applied her suggestions and watched my story transform into a powerful book before my eyes.  It was like magic–and Pamela has a magical way of book doctoring, turning weak drafts into beautiful books.

Cynthia Gagliano
The Beckford Painting


Pamela Lane pulled my work from the clutches of agents that battered me and from other people that said I wasn’t famous enough to have a voice and write a book.  She recognized and acknowledged and nurtured in a way that only a truly heart-centered writing coach can and helped me forge a book that has inspired many people on their healing/ wellness journeys. I highly recommend her. She has quite a range of services including an extremely valuable initial consultation you don’t want to miss out on!

Laurie Seligman
The Worthiness Factor


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