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Medical Editing and Writing

As a master’s educated registered nurse (RN MSN) and a master’s educated writer and editor (MFA) with more than a decade of experience, I am in a unique position to contribute to medical and health-related manuscripts in a way few other writing and publishing professionals can.

Here is what a few of my medical/ health-related clients have to say about working with me:

I must comment on how amazing you are as an editor, researcher and critic! We have worked together in the past and I was always impressed. On this most recent project, Marriage the Sexless Alternative & How to Fix it, you have shown to me talents that are truly admirable. Your understanding of the technical, medical and psychological material is without compare. The effort you put into researching to the point of even testing my jokes with others and offering replacements is beyond the call. I can’t wait to work with you on fiction, soon. Then I shall have the opportunity to see your full scope of talent. You are the best!

Dr Robert Fleisher, author
Marriage, The Sexless Alternative and How to Fit It (edited by Pamela)
From Waiting Room to Court Room (edited by Pamela)
Forty Something
Fifty Something
Bedside Manner (edited by Pamela)


I can’t say enough about Pamela Lane. I’m so grateful for all she has done to help me with my book project. How did I find her? I recently read an anthology and was so impressed by the chapter she wrote that I “Googled” her. Lo and behold she was a book doctor! I had worked with a few already, but NOBODY compared to her. My proposal had been turned down 20 times, even with their help.  But, the keen insights Pamela displayed helped me to make my proposal and sample chapters infinitely more engaging to lay readers. The result? The first time I sent my proposal out I was signed by a top literary agent! I plan on working with her throughout the book’s completion. In fact, I don’t know what I would do without her.

Neil Winawer, MD, author
“Less Than Perfect: Startling Confession From Doctors Who Put Their Patients in Harm’s Way”


Dear Pamela,

I love what you did…  This was quite a little daunting literary project. Your comments made me realize that I tend to be tangential, and that some sections need to be moved to other sections… OK with me. It is clear that I speak to patients better than I write. You write beautifully.

Dr. Roberta Foss-Morgan, MD, author
What is Your Food IQ?  The Smart Person’s Guide to Optimal Health, Aging Well and Weight Control


If you’re sick of not writing your best—My Book Doctor is your best medicine.

Working with Pamela on my book proposal was terrific! This is clearly Pamela’s calling. She has a Master’s degree in creative nonfiction, the love of writing, and excellent creativity—the cure-all remedy for anyone interested in help with their writing. I would highly recommend Pamela. For sure your writing will be improve.

Two pens up!

Elaine Wilkes, PhD, N.C., M.A., author
Nature’s Secrets, Hay House, 2009


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