“Established authors routinely work with experienced freelance editors before delivering a final manuscript to the publisher.” Laurie Fox, Author, Lost Girls & My Sister (both Simon & Schuster) and literary agent for 15 years. — Writer’s Digest Feb. 2005

Freelance editors are to literature what the second opinion is to medicine.  Just as you wouldn’t submit to life-changing surgery on only one opinion, you shouldn’t submit your manuscript to agents and publishers with only your (and your friends and family, who are unlikely to be totally honest) opinion as to its quality and marketability.  I closely read a manuscript and give you very specific notes to make it more engaging, more powerful, funnier, tighter, more satisfying, and ultimately more publishable.  I work on pacing, character, plot, form and grammar.  I brainstorm with you on crucial changes so your writer’s voice guides the improvements, and explain why and how, so you become a better writer in the process.

Editing services are $80.00 per hour, which includes a complete line edit for structure, story, character and form.  Rate includes all reading time, notes, consulting, research when appropriate, and a final consultation to discuss the work and the notes.   Deposit is required.   Please see My Endorsements for feedback from a few of my clients.

As a Writer’s Coach I direct, encourage, teach and guide you through the process of creating a finished work.  We may start with your goals, outline or a work-in-progress and work together to create a completed manuscript.  I guide you through the process with focused tasks and supportive feedback, teaching the skills required to enhance your growth as a writer as well as complete your manuscript.  We set deadlines and advance the work.  Each individual writer is different and what they need from a coaching relationship varies; I’m happy to speak with you about your needs and determine how we can best work together to accomplish your goals.

Coaching is $250.00 per session, usually meeting once a month.  You may only require one coaching session to get you started and edit sessions after, which are billed at $80.00 per hour.  Prices vary according to your needs.

Consultations  Do you have questions or challenges regarding the development, writing, or marketing of a manuscript?  Could your professional goals be facilitated by a knowledgeable writing and publishing professional?  Creating a plan early can make the difference between success and failure.  Talk to me about your needs, and if I can help you we’ll book a consultation.

Consultations are $250.00 for up to 3 hours, includes a follow-up phone call.

Please e-mail me for more information and to get on my mailing list.  Go to the “Contact Us” page.

Copy Editing Although I am the only editor and writing coach here–I never farm your work out to a college student or anonymous subcontractors–I do want to address my client’s every need.  To that end, I contract with some wonderful copyeditors.  What is a copyeditor?  A copyeditor is a person who corrects all of your grammar, punctuation, word usage, spelling and style issues.  They strive for clarity.  A copyeditor insures that your work is professional and represents you well.  In this competitive world, there is no room for errors in your writing.  Regardless of the document–from a school paper or business report to a novel, an article, essay or memoir–our copyeditors can make it grammatically perfect and the meaning clear.

What is the difference between what I do and what they do?  I edit for story, believable dialogue,  engaging characters,  plot,   subplots and pacing.  I also apply genre standards.  For example, the requirements for a romance are very different than those for mystery–even though there may be mystery in romances.  I am an expert on style and tone and I work with a writer to create a marketable work, and then help that writer to market that work.  I also copyedit during a line edit.  If I edit your manuscript you may not need a copy editor too, unless you rewrite the manuscript after my edit.

Since work often needs to be substantially rewritten after my notes and suggestions, a copy edit before submitting to agents or publishers is recommended.  If you are one of my edit clients, there is a discount on copy editing since your work has already had one pass by me before your rewrite.  It is the final step prior to submission.

If you’re not sure which service is best for you, please speak with me and I’ll help you decide.

Complete copy edit: $3.50 per page (please read the description above–this is not for a story or complete edit)

Complete copy edit with client discount: $2.50 per page.

I know you’ll find this a very competitive rate.  It’s my goal to make this affordable.

We accept PayPal.  I will invoice you directly through PayPal if you choose. Personal Checks also accepted.


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